Hey there. This is strictly my art blog (I do have a separate tumblr account (drybacon).

I draw a lot of Hetalia (USUK), Homestuck, Teen Wolf (Sterek), and a lot of random fanart.

I've never commissioned before because honestly I don't believe my art is the best, but if anyone would like something drawn I can do simple sketches (colored or not) and I have a paypal.

so the reason i haven’t been posting lately is because well i was off in japan for about five months and then in addition to that i lost the installation cd for my tablet so i can’t use it to draw on my laptop anymore and also i’m a lazy piece of shit who never scans anything i’m sorry

This is something older I did I forgot about. It was originally a sketch, then I did the lineart as well as the coloring in photoshop a while ago. 

Done in pen. 

A random guy. 

Daft Punk.

Drawing for Ron (kaalashnikov)~

I apologize but my I don’t have access to my tablet. I wanted to make the D and P border’s straighter (seeing as how they were done in pencil without ruler). I also want to color this at a later date but this is all for now. 

Celty from Durarara

Meenah from Homestuck

I had a dream about a girl named Alice wearing this dress.

Also I really really have a thing for drawing with pen I love it.

two new ocs of mine in really really rough sketch form