Hey there. This is strictly my art blog (I do have a separate tumblr account (drybacon).

I draw a lot of Hetalia (USUK), Homestuck, Teen Wolf (Sterek), and a lot of random fanart.

I've never commissioned before because honestly I don't believe my art is the best, but if anyone would like something drawn I can do simple sketches (colored or not) and I have a paypal.

These two are my fantrolls. 
The one on the left is Moxxom moxxoM. The words say are from the song OCD by Zanois. Moxxom Moxxom adores symmetry. 

The one on the right is Spezza Capin. She’s a superhero, KABAM!!! With a huge fascination in handicapped (and other) superheroes from the human world. Even though she’s missing an arm she doesn’t let it hindrance her, POW!!!